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We're a wild bunch of brand fanatics, crafting game-changing work since 2009. Think untamed creativity, a sprinkle of fresh perspectives, a strategic mindset, and a whole lot of heart. We dive head first into every project, treating it like a playground to unleash your brand's true potential. Because, let's be honest, who doesn't love a brand that shines? We'll help yours roar.

Meet the Team

We're a dynamic, multi-disciplinary team of creative and strategic specialists, ready to help you meet your business objectives through branding.
Vernon Chan
Vernon Chan
Founder + Chief Executive Officer
Vernon's not your average CEO. He's a trailblazer, a rule-breaker, and a friend-maker all rolled into one. For the head honcho, SCr isn't just another creative agency, it's an adventure, and Vernon's the captain at the helm, steering it into unchartered territory with a smile, plenty of pour-over coffee, and a twinkle in his eyes.
Andrew Lee
Andrew Lee
Chief Operations Officer
Andrew's the guy who makes magic happen behind the scenes. He's the silent superhero, the tireless thinkerer, the one who quietly solves every problem before it becomes a blip on the radar. His dedication is unwavering, his passion hidden in the flawless execution of every detail. SCr's success is a symphony, and Andrew's the conductor, keeping the orchestra in perfect harmony.
Wilfred Tee
Wilfred Tee
Chief Technology Officer
SCr might be known for its out-of-the-box ideas, but Wilfred's the one who makes them work. He's the tech whisperer, the code charmer, the one who bridges imagination and reality. Not a mere CTO, he's the champion of progress, the cheerleader who makes the future a little brighter, one line of code at a time.
Kiron Subhash
Kiron Subhash
Chief Brand Strategist
Kiron isn't just a brand strategist, he's a brand whisperer, a wordsmith who can make your message purr like a finely tuned engine. His love affair isn't just with words either, it's with the open road. When he's not crafting compelling narratives, you'll find him behind the wheel of something sleek and powerful, wind in his hair and a story brewing in his mind. He's the perfect blend of gasoline and genius, crafting brands that ignite your imagination and leave you wanting more.
Teh Lee See
Teh Lee See
Senior Creative
She's the master of print and pixels, crafting stunning visuals that dance across pages and screens. But when she's not conjuring digital spells, she's busy weaving a different kind of magic: the magic of motherhood. This seasoned creative juggles deadlines with lullabies, turning chaos into masterpieces, both in the studio and at home. She's proof that crayons and coffee can fuel both creativity and compassion, making her a force to be reckoned with, both in the creative world and on the playground.
Lee Kea Hui
Lee Kea Hui
Front-end Dev
SCr's front-end developer, Kea Hui, doesn't mess around. He crafts websites and apps that sing - clean code, intuitive design, zero pixels wasted. Think sleek interfaces that dance to your touch, logic woven with a dash of digital magic. He's the builder of online experiences, the unsung hero behind every seamless scroll and satisfying click.

Recent Work

AFK Group

AFK Group is a holding and investment group founded in 2010, and is currently in the business of private equity investments, asset management, real estate investments, family office, F&B, and trust foundation.

Rafale for Malaysia

In collaboration with our PR partner Jireh Consult, we were tasked to create a visual identity and promotional collateral for Dassault Aviation's entry of the RAFALE multirole fighter aircraft for the Royal Malaysia Air Force tender during LIMA 13, LIMA 15, and DSA 2016.

Fortune Auto

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Fortune Automotive garage specialises in maintenance and performance enhancements for German marquees.

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